TRICYCLE® processThe patented GVA process for optimum nutrient decomposition

In the late 80’s we developed the TRICYCLE® process as a new process technology for biological waste water treatment. Our goal: to permit almost complete nutrient elimination through highly stable nitrification, denitrification, and biological phosphate elimination so that the best possible results are achieved even under adverse conditions.

The solution is our patented process with a 3-basin system in which each of the identical basins is equipped with aeration units and circulation units that can be switched off. From today’s point of view, the TRICYCLE® process produces the best possible conditions you can think of.

The advantage over other biological processes:

  • 100% substrate and nitrate availability for nitrification
  • Highly stable process
  • Low total nitrogen concentration in the outflow
  • Precisely controllable denitrification process
  • No recirculation pumps needed
  • Periodic cycle changes reduce energy costs

The various process steps in the denitrification and nitrification processes are performed in order in the three basins. In the next cycle, the order in which the basins are used is changed, and after the third cycle, the entire process starts over from the beginning again.

Utilize our expertise in process technology, project planning and execution, and plant engineering.


Example of a biological treatment step based on a plant with individual basins

Example of a biological treatment step based on a trench system

The patented TRICYCLE process with its 3-basin system permits optimum nutrient decomposition.