ELASTOX®-P plate air diffuserThe advancement in aeration systems

With the latest generation of aerators, the ELASTOX®-P plate air diffuser, we offer a new system component for sewage technology based on our extensive know-how and many years of experience in the production and operation of waste water treatment facilities. The result is an aeration system that combines the advantages of all previous systems, i.e.:

  • Low buoyancy
  • Less piping required
  • Optimum gas admission properties
  • High oxygen utilization values
  • Long lifetime

Depending on the actual application and the basin geometry, the ELASTOX®-P plate air diffuser can be used for area, broadband or line aeration as well as aeration with separate circulation. Since the use of area-type aeration is almost completely independent of the basin shape, existing constructions can be re-equipped or retrofitted.

The structural design of the plate air diffuser
The ELASTOX®-P plate air diffuser was designed so that, as a rule, Ø 40 / 70 tube air diffusers can be swapped.

Typical applications are:

  • Preservation aeration of waste water, e.g. in balancing tanks
  • Oxygenation of activation basins
  • Oxygenation to stabilize sludge
  • Aeration of rivers and lakes
  • Aeration of fish ponds
  • CO2 admission for neutralization

Operational principle
The structural design of the support body bottom surface prevents the accumulation of gas below the air diffuser and reduces buoyancy using an effective degassing system.

The optimized perforation of the membrane in conjunction with a degassing surface directed upwards ensures uniform coalescence-free gas admission with high oxygen utilization coefficients.

When the pressure is released, the perforation on the rubber membrane closes automatically and prevents liquid from entering. Optionally, a flap trap can be inserted between the air inlet connection and the membrane, which will also seal the air channels and keep liquid from flowing back.

The special membrane materials, developed based on years of experience, were opti¬mized through numerous series of tests and are expected to have a long service life.

The low-buoyancy of the ELASTOX®-P plate air diffuser enables the design of removable aeration systems that can be dismantled without having to empty the basin.
The slightly convex membrane is fixed to the support body by a structural framework and is stabilized by a central ledge, which at the same time divides the gassing space into two chambers. This minimizes the gas space between the membrane and the support body, and the tendency to float is also reduced.

All materials used have especially been selected for the application. The membrane is produced under optimum vulcanizing conditions as a high-quality molded part.

The membrane material is especially important for its resistance to ageing.

EPDM membrane with extremely low plasticizer content.

Microbe-resistant version of the EPDM membrane; reduces susceptibility biological sedimentation using a special interlaced additive.

The distance between the pores is accurately defined and prevents coalescence of air bubbles already during the creation process.


The air diffusers are normally mounted in pairs on rectangular or square aeration grids