Extensive know-how in process and system technology – you will find our specialized knowledge throughout our entire range of products and services

GVA supplies products and components optimally matched for the biological purification of industrial and municipal waste water.

Economy and efficiency, reduced energy costs, long service lives, and the ease of maintenance and servicing characterize our products and services.

GVA process know-how:
The whole is more than the sum of its parts

A tailor-made overall package is the underlying basis of an efficient plant solution. GVA's long years of experience in the manufacture, installation, and maintenance of aeration and circulation technology guarantee plant operators an optimum combination of process technology and plant components with innovative detail solutions. For example, GVA has developed a simply and quickly applicable sub¬merged positioning and fastening system called the GVA-UPB system for removing aeration groups for maintenance purposes without having to lower the water level.


GVA-UPB system

For effective aeration, all required properties, such as the basin geometry and process technology, must be taken into account