GVA test lanceFor monitoring the aeration components

GVA test lance – suitable for all types of membrane air diffusers If the aeration characteristics or the pressure conditions change, then it is necessary to check the air diffusers. Since the test lance and air diffusers can be removed, it is easy to visually inspect the membranes or run tests on it in a laboratory to check if the properties of the membrane have changed. When non-removable reference air diffusers are used, then this can only be accomplished with a large number of personnel and interruption of plant operations or after emptying the basin. This is the reason why test lances that can be taken out of the aeration basin using lifting equipment are used.

Flow measurement (DFM)

When the measuring installation and GVA test lance are used together, flow measurements (DFM) can be performed so that every air admission rate desired can be set. This is absolutely necessary if there is no other way to set a specific air admission rate through the compressors. The flow rate can be measured using a calibrated Nm3/h flow meter. The air quantity can be adjusted using a valve whose setting range depends on the test lance used. If there is no flow measurement for the aeration device, then this measurement can also be used for control operations or to determine the total air quantity.