WEEDLESS-S floating agitatorFloating vertical agitator for varying water levels

For optimum mixing in applications in basins with changing water levels, we recommend the use of the WEEDLESS-S floating version of our vertical agitator.

The advantage of this vertical agitator is that the propeller stays at a constant, specified depth even when the water level changes. The floating agitator is based on the vertical agitator and is mounted on a raft-like construction that also supports the geared motor. The distance from the propeller to the surface of the water remains constant, which means that the floating agitator is especially suitable for use in balancing tanks or SBR systems. The entire construction is anchored to the basin so that it is fixed with respect to the foundation but can still move up and down freely within a specified range.

The float is needed for the WEEDLESS-S to mount the agitator. It consists of three floating chambers and is adapted according to the mixing capacity.

Propeller unit
The propeller unit is available in a 2-blade and 3-blade version. The blades are attached using a hub mounted on the drive shaft of the gearbox by releasable clamps. The setting angle of the blades can be adjusted from 30° to 45° in 5° increments. The blades and the hub are connected in a form-fitting manner.

Geared motor
The geared motor is intended for continuous operation and is equipped with a reinforced bearing in the drive section. The drive motor is equipped with PTC resistors.

Agitator shaft
The diameter and length of the agitator shaft are adapted individually to the installed capacity and water depth.


Ideal when the water level varies: the WEEDLESS-S vertical agitator