WEEDLESS-T submersible agitatorThe horizontal agitator with a patented shock absorber system

The WEEDLESS-T submersible agitators are optimally suited for simultaneous operation of agitators and compressed air aeration systems.

WEEDLESS-T agitators produce a horizontal flow movement and are therefore used in basins that allow for closed horizontal flow due to their geometry. In addition to circular and toroidal basins, they also include trenches and expanded circulation ditches. The propellers and submersible geared motor of a WEEDLESS-T are mounted together on guide blocks that are then lowered into the water on the corresponding guide rod system. At its working position, this block then slides into a patented shock absorber system designed by GVA that absorbs shocks produces by external loads placed on the agitator and ensures the submerged agitator will last a long time. In most cases, the direction of flow runs from the drive unit to the propeller blades, although the flow can run in the other direction when special installation conditions are present.

For continuous operation

An important feature of the WEEDLESS-T submersible agitator is the continuous monitoring of the tightness of the geared motor seal. The submersible geared motor is intended for continuous operation and is equipped with a slide ring seal in the drive section. In addition, tightness of the seal is monitored by an oil-filled pre-chamber and by a conductivity measuring device. This prevents possible damage to the bearings and gears.

If the agitators are not used in continuous operation for process reasons, then a soft start or FU operation is necessary.

Propeller unit
Der Propellersatz ist in 2- bzw. 3-flügliger The propeller unit is available in a 2-blade and 3-blade version. The blades are attached using a hub mounted on the drive shaft of the gearbox by releasable clamps. The setting angle of the blades can be adjusted from 30° to 45° in 5° increments. The blades and the hub are connected in a form-fitting manner.

Sliding carriage
The sliding carriage has been designed so that direct contact with stainless steel is avoided when lowering and lifting the unit. This prevents damage from corrosion. The integrated catch hook can be used both for stationary and mobile lifting tackle.