Aeration plantsOperate more efficiently with GVA operational monitoring and service systems

Aeration systems with high-performance ELASTOX® membrane air diffusers generally ensure a long service life together with high operational reliability and low maintenance.

Application The operation of an aeration system depends on the processing technology and process control selected for the activation stage. In adverse conditions, chemicophysical or biological laws can lead to an increase in the pressure loss on the air diffuser membranes, which then reduces the economic efficiency of the system. The system pressure is monitored based on a pressure measurement from a pressure gauge with a measuring range of 0–1.0 bar that is normally located near the compressors, but unfavorable pressure losses on the aeration components cannot be detected.

GVA therefore developed operational monitoring and service systems for aeration equipment that are now used worldwide and have consistently proven their value in practice.

  • Measuring installation for differential pressure measurements
  • Test lance for monitoring the aeration components
  • GVA UPB system as a submersible system for aeration plants
  • Mobile purification system for membrane air diffusers

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