WEEDLESS-V vertical agitatorFor optimum mixing and circulation

Vertical agitators – in contrast to horizontal agitators – can be used regardless of the shape of the basin since they produce an upflow in the water. A cylindrical circulating current is formed which is redirected on the surface and then flows along the sides of the basin back down to the bottom. This operation is based on the principle of least resistance and results in lower power consumption. Because the drive unit is installed in a dry location, there are no maintenance points below the water level for the WEEDLESS-V agitators. These vertical agitators are generally characterized by low operating and maintenance costs.

The propeller unit is connected to a geared motor mounted on a traverse or support framework by a vertical agitator shaft. The entire structure is designed to be stable and vibration-absorbing for use in continuous operations.

Vertical agitators are primarily used for mixing and circulating purposes in basin structures with a square or rectangular layout.

There are different installation versions available for new installations that enable the vertical agitator to be placed so that complete removal is also possible with stationary or mobile lifting equipment.

The vertical agitator basically consists of the geared motor, agitator shaft, propeller unit, and a motor plate. The geared motor is permanently attached to the motor plate. The motor plate serves as an adapter for mounting on basins, gangways or consoles. Due to its design, there are no submerged components to be serviced.

Propeller unit
The propeller unit is available in a 2-blade and 3-blade version. The blades are attached using a hub mounted on the drive shaft of the gearbox by releasable clamps. The setting angle of the blades can be adjusted from 30° to 45° in 5° increments. The blades and the hub are connected in a form-fitting manner.

Geared motor
The geared motor is intended for continuous operation and is equipped with a reinforced bearing in the drive section. The drive motor is equipped with PTC resistors.

Agitator shaft
The length and diameter of the agitator shaft are adapted individually to the installed capacity and water depth. An upflow is preferred for water depths < 6.00 m, and reverse flow (downflow) is preferred for water depths > 6.00 m.


Circulation without aeration

Circulation with aeration